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Happy Family

Happy Family

Let your children discover this incredible wonderland (houses, buildings, bridges, can...

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Not only Venice

There is a space between Venice and Padua, which still belongs to another age.A few minute...

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Easy Venice

Leave your stress, and treat yourself to a dream weekend in the romantic city of Venice. ...

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Special Offer

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1) Where is the Inn Zabotto?
    It 'located just 20 minutes from Venice, between the beaches of Chioggia-Submarine and architectural beauty of Venice, along state highway 309 Romea at km. 113.

2) What is the address to be included in the browser?
     The exact address is: 118 Via D. Manin, Campagna Lupia VE

3) In Venice, the parks are very expensive, you can get there with the means piubblici?

     Of course it is. There is a convenient and frequent bus service, which runs 300 meters from the inn, and that takes you directly to Piazzale Roma, which is the main entrance Venice.

4) What time does the bus go to Venice, and at night there is at what time the last one?

     Buses leave every half hour for the return in the evening and the last is at 23.00

5)  How'can get to Venice by boat?

     Yes, it is possible. A 15 minute drive from the inn Zabotto in Fusina, there is a small port and a ferry service which leaves every hour and takes you to Venice in the area Rafts, then from there begin to walk through the old town and you can reach easily PIAZZA S. Marco and Rialto.

6) Is There  a parking  in FUSINA?

      You can safely leave your car. At the ticket purchase both tickets for the ferry to the parking lot.

7)    Can I  leave my car in Mestre?

     Of course, for example near the station there are several car parks, and then take a bus stopping at Piazzale Roma or the train that takes you to Venice train station S. LUCIA.

8) How can I mahe a trip  in Venice, only with the boat?

        No way, Venice is one of the few cities' in the world precisely measure pedestrian, and you'll hike without the danger of being invested. Some people still do not know that Venice is special mainly because there that traffic and the smog of cities around the world. Of course the boats are the buses in Venice and are comfortable to visit the islands Murano. Burano, Torcello, Lido etc.. I'm a bit expensive and should get tickets from 24,36,48 or 72 hours with which you can navigate to any destination at inside the lagoon of Venice (public transport in Venice,

9) In addition to Venice, what's interesting to visit nearby?

     For nature lovers, a 10 minute walk there 's the WWF Oasis, or you can  organize a trip to the southern lagoon by boat. ( 30 minutes is UNDERWATER with miles of sea, beaches and bathing establishments.

10) If I arrive  in the morning, can I just get a room?

        Yes sure if your assigned room is ready.  You make check-in and  keep  also  your luggage, and immediately move to Venice to enjoy it with the morning light.

Our recommendation of 5 things to do, and 5, not to do in Venice

5 Things to do

1. Informed before your trip on the high

Venice is famous for its tides that flood the city at certain times of the year. Life experience can be fun, but only if you come prepared. Boots and shorts are the best remedy. Check this site before arriving in Venice, / tides.

2. Get a drink in Campo Santa Margherita

In Venice, the aperitif is a must. At about 18:00 the bar are filled with Venetian and the most popular drink is the Spritz, an alcoholic drink made with Aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water ... delicious and cheap!

3. Visit the island of Murano

From this island is named after the famous Murano glass. You'll find the museum of fine Venetian glass and shops where you can buy your souvenir glass at a price cheaper than shopping.You can watch a live demonstration of how the glass blowers perform these pieces with the same technique centuries ago.

4. See Piazza San Marco an unusual

Piazza San Marco is the ultimate tourist spot in Venice. During the day, is literally covered with tourists, it is difficult to realize the vastness and beauty. Order for us to get an idea of ​​how it really, back at night or early morning.

5. The Carnival of Venice

During the Carnival, Venice turns. It is a feast for all ages, the city is filled with colors and music. If you choose to visit Venice at that time could be stressful for the entire holiday to coincide with those days of madness. Try to arrive a couple of days before or after, and you will be the same party and relax ..

5 Things NOT to do

1. Do not use the gondola as a means of transport.

Everyone knows that the most romantic thing to do in Venice is a gondola ride. Be careful, because the romance could disappear at the time to pay the gondolier. You may request up to 50 € for a trip of just a few minutes. If you do not want to forego this luxury, we suggest you negotiate the price before boarding.

2. Do not sit on the terraces of the bars in the most popular tourist spots.

The price of a coffee can vary greatly if you drink at the bar or sitting at tables on the terrace. The supplement is generally specified in the menu. Otherwise, always ask before you sit down.

3. Do not swim in the canals of Venice

No longer surprising to see that tourists are swimming in the canals, but you do not follow their example! In addition to being highly polluted, the channels are on the streets of Venice, from where boats and ferries that pass can scratch uncomfortably your refreshing swim.

4. You do not always move with the Vaporetto

The Vaporetto is a water bus to Venice. It is very useful for large distances, but is very costoso.Potreste take it back from Piazza San Marco, 'cause on the Grand Canal overlooking the most' beautiful buildings of the city, which undoubtedly deserve to be seen.

Venice is a city made for getting lost among the narrow streets and hidden corners known.

5. Do not buy from street vendors

Bags of Prada, Gucci glasses or any other equipment purchased falsified the street you could be costly. If the police see you, Multer not only the salesman, but you too, as buyers of illegal goods.

Venetian Villas

Visit the fascinating Venetian Villas which are a few miles from our hotel away