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Happy Family

Happy Family

Let your children discover this incredible wonderland (houses, buildings, bridges, can...

Not only Venice

Not only Venice

There is a space between Venice and Padua, which still belongs to another age.A few minute...

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Easy Venice

Leave your stress, and treat yourself to a dream weekend in the romantic city of Venice. ...

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Special Offer

Experience three days in Venice with a super convenient stay in double room with all the a...

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Crazy Room

If you travel on weekdays, take advantage of this Great deals out of hand.Small double b...

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Oasi wwf Valle Avert

This natural oasis - the beating heart of the lagoon area - is located just 300 meters from the locanda.

These 200 hectares of the Averto valley are managed by the WWF, which has created a nature sanctuary that forms the perfect natural habitat for numerous species of migratory birds to visit and nest in peace.

The facility features a museum, complete with restored boathouse and ancient wooden "nets", and a great deal of flora, including white and black poppies, willows, maples, black alders and oaks.

Moreover, the WWF site is home to a wide variety of animals that can easily be observed by following camouflaged paths or hiding in specially built cane sheds.

The mammals include buffalos (introduced a few years ago), otters, moles, wolves, stone martens, weasels and polecats. Birds that spend the winter here include mallards, coots and cormorants, whereas the gray heron, great white heron, kingfisher, marsh hawk and mute swan are all full-time residents.

In summer, you can see red herons nesting, little egrets, cavalieri d'Italia, redshanks, greater yellowlegs, greenshanks, waders and curlew sandpipers. During migrations, the osprey, numerous mud-dwelling creatures and several species of ducks can often be admired.

On occasion, you can even come across a red-crested porchard, which nests here and has been selected as the symbol of the nature reserve.

For more information please visit the official page of the Oasi Valle Avert


Venice in 20 Minutes

The beautiful city of Venice is just 20 minutes away and is well connected by public transport.

Adriatic Beach

The pleasant and relaxing beaches of the Adriatic Sea ... just a few minutes from our hotel!

Venetian Villas

Visit the fascinating Venetian Villas which are a few miles from our hotel away